“Back In The Black Solutions has identified a tremendous problem in Optometric practices. O.D.’s do not charge at the level of ophthalmology so therefore they get reimbursed well BELOW the M.D. Karen VanLaningham has a combined experience of 30 years in the ophthalmic field. They are the best at medical billing and coding. It is my pleasure to recommend them for your medical insurance needs. BITBS will lower your cost of operation and raise your net income.”
“BITBS is like a silent partner. Everything runs so smoothly. They access our practice management software and all of our billing gets done. I never have to worry about my billing and I get to focus on my patients. They are very professional which makes us look professional too. They’re like a watchdog watching over our AR.”
"We have contracted with your service for over five years. During this time we have experienced a significant increase in our receipts from when we were doing our own billing. While you have increased our revenue, you have also reduced our personnel costs. We have also received reports from our patients as to how friendly and helpful your billing people are when they have questions. The ability to outsource and have you taking care of our denials and appeals is outstanding. Another factor that we really like about your services is the recommendations on rates that we should be charging. They keep us current with our charges and in line with industry standards.” 

Dr. Mark Gottlieb, Georgia

“Since your service has taken over our billing we have increased receipts by over 50%. You and your customer service oriented employees have made our billing a flawless operation. I have had comments from my staff of how your service is so helpful… you explain and help them with insurance company’s reports and problems. Your work on collection of denied claims is absolutely amazing. Your company is always accessible and provides prompt responses to all of our questions about various aspects of billing even outside the parameters of billing.”

Dr. Gilbert James, Georgia

“We have enjoyed a very high rate of collection and extremely professional service from BITBS. BITBS provides us daily anytime assistance with our insurance issues, patient requests, etc. We are extremely happy with their service.”

Dr. Daniel Hayden, Illinois

Dr. Jeanette Stromne, Washington

Dr. David Eilers, Minnesota