Increase your revenue by 50%
when you outsource your billing!

The financial health of a medical practitioner or hospital or clinic largely depends on how efficient its billing practice is. It is vital for billing experts to understand medical insurance, appeal process, and claim process to optimize the revenue generated and reduce the chances of optometric coding errors.

BITBS stands unrivaled when it comes to accurate Ophthalmic coding and higher revenues. Riding on our expertise, we find out where things were going wrong and rectify them to get things back in the black. Simply put, we accelerate your finances.

Unpaid Resolution
We know billing and coding process inside out, so we can find out instantly the reason of claims being rejected. Our experts will review and reprocess your unpaid claims and make sure that these are resolved at the earliest. We can get through the most difficult of coding and claiming issues.

We’re in constant communication with the clients apprising them of the status of their processes. You can call us when you like and get updated instantly.

Adherence to Ethics

We support our clients while adhering to ethics. We follow the best billing codes for optometry practices that work well for the clients. We assure you of patient confidentiality and regulatory compliance that helps you stave off any problems later.

You can outsource billing and coding to us, while focusing on your core job, the treatment of patients. This will help you optimize your income. We can also advise you on pricing structure for your specific area.

Back in the Black Solutions started as a one person company from home and has grown into the largest optometric billing provider in the country. Here at BITBS, we are focused on one medical specialty (Optometry and Opthalmology) with a flat monthly fee that has been very successful. Our services are geared towards one objective - that is to help optometrists and opthalmologists throughout the United States optimize their optometric billing in order to effectively accelerate their finances.

Since 2010, BITBS has been providing top-notch professional billing and coding services with a keen focus on the needs of optometrists and opthalmologists throughout the country. With our wealth of knowledge and experience in optometric coding and billing, we understand the ins and outs of medical billing and coding. We can quickly identify reasons for the rejection of claims, and can review and re-process any unpaid claims, making sure they're resolved in as little time possible.

When you come to us here at Back in the Black Solutions, you can be sure you're getting top-notch personalized service that truly takes care of all your billing and coding needs. You can count on our seasoned team of billing professionals to take expert care of your needs so you can focus on providing quality care for your patients without having to worry and spend so much time figuring out and taking care of the whole record keeping and billing process by yourself.