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 Medical Billing and Coding​​
Is it getting difficult for you to maintain a record of the medical billing and reimbursements claims in your ophthalmology clinic?

Our knowledgeable billers can help you optimize the revenue performance of your clinic, while you focus on taking proper care of your patients.

BITBS has been providing extremely professional ophthalmology services to several healthcare practitioners for years.

We understand the medical billing process in & out, which helps us in serving you better.
  • Credentialing
  • Unpaid Claim Investigation
  • Coding & Billing
  • Claim Clean-Up
  • Claim Submission
  • Fee For Service Investigation
  • Phone & Email Suppport for FAQ
  • Outstanding Balance Collection

Why Us?
While our existing customers find us highly recommendable, the new clients also trust us for our accurate billing, coding, and higher revenue generation skills.

  • Are in constant touch with clients and keep them posted about work
  • Adhere to ethical medical billing practices
  • Have the experience of getting through the most difficult coding & claim issues
  • Also advise clients on pricing structure for specific areas

We are dedicated to serve doctors who are tired of dealing with insurance claims and are struggling without a medical billing codes expert in his office.
Lost In House Biller
If your company is suffering from the loss of an in house biller, or have been subjected to negative cash flow, you've come to the right place. Our team has the experience and services you have been searching for. Take the financial emergency seriously, and start enjoying the benefits of our service. We can turn the situation around for you and help you focus on the importance of a positive cashflow. By allowing us to deal with your billing, you can focus on what is important. We will perform the following biller functions:

  • Credentialing
  • Coding & Billing
  • Claim Clean Up
  • Claim Submissions
  • Phone & Email Support

Please Contact Us for additional information on how we can help establish third-party billing services for your practice.
Aging Out of Control
Optometry & Ophthalmology practices that have gone financially drained can bring back their revenues on track with assistance of Back In The Black. Give us a month or 60 days and we’ll get it all right. We’ve demonstrated success with many of our clients by minimizing claim rejection rates, reducing aged receivables and increasing revenue.
Assessment and Recovery  Plan
Unpaid Claim Resolution
Coding and Billing
First thing that we do is to assess the status of the clients’ finances and then come up with a sound recovery plan. Riding on long experience and extensive knowledge, our experts come up with a plan that can streamline the finances again.
Most claims are turned down for very simple reasons such as incorrect diagnosis codes. Our staff is specifically trained for troubleshooting such issues. We are well aware of the recent changes in coding guidelines. We review your backlog of unpaid claims and reprocess these to get them paid.
We use proper procedures to get the payments quickly. By coding accurately, we avoid claim rejections that increases payment speed and cash flow as well. Our professionals leverage their expertise for increasing productivity. We assure you of patient confidentiality. Complying with regulatory norms, we avoid costly negative finding in case of audits.
Phone and Email Consultation
Our staff is always there, readily answering questions that you may have concerning various aspects of coding, billing, recovery, issue resolution, collection and payment receipt processes. All phones and e-mails are replied promptly. We keep you updated on the status of your work.

​ Taking Over or Starting a New Practice
BITBS brings over 17 years of experience on coding and billing for insurance claims to your practice.
We have specialized exclusively on optometry and ophthalmology practices since 1996.
  • Credentialing
  • Practice Management Software
  • Training
  • Service Fee Research Phone and Email Consultation
  • Custom Assessment
  • Recommendations Report

BITBS provides all services and consulting needed to establish an ophthalmic practice for billing and collecting payment at the time of opening its doors. Our assurance of satisfaction is backed by our hundreds of  satisfied doctors nationwide.
BITBS is a one-stop-shopping company that provides all pre-opening services, including:

Back in the Black Solutions is the premier provider of exceptional Ophthalmic coding and billing services for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists throughout the United States. Our services are aimed at helping our clients optimize their Ophthalmic billing in order to effectively accelerate their finances. We understand the fact that the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of medical practitioner's billing practices play a huge part in his or her financial health; and we are committed to providing our clients with outstanding third-party coding and billing services that minimize the possibility of Ophthalmic coding errors and optimize your earning potential.

We offer our exceptional services at an affordable flat monthly fee, so you'll always know exactly what the billing cost will be.

Here at BITBS, we understand that as a doctor, your specialty is in providing proper care and treatment for your patients - and not in taking care of coding and billing. With this in mind, our well experienced professional team of billers are ready to serve you and help you optimize your revenue performance, so you can focus on providing quality care for your patients without having to worry and spend so much time figuring out and taking care of the whole record keeping and billing process by yourself.

With our wealth of knowledge and experience in Ophthalmic coding and billing, we understand the ins and outs of medical billing and coding. We can quickly identify reasons for the rejection of claims, and can review and re-process any unpaid claims, making sure they're resolved in as little time possible.

So, if you want nothing less than exceptional Ophthalmic billing and coding services that provide you with utmost peace of mind, there's only one name to remember - Back in the Black Solutions!